PSY Oils - Chakra Set

PSY Oils - Chakra Set

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These seven sublime blends are Proudly South African and have been made especially to compliment your yoga practice and your life. All PSY (Penny Slein Yoga) oils are therapeutic grade organic essential oils of the highest standard. They are potent, effective and easy to use. PSY Oils are Proudly South African approved as Penny Slein believes in supporting local businesses.

PSY's aim is to harness the natural qualities from Mother Nature and provide a way for people to rebalance themselves. Their range of seven has something for everyone. Whether you need to switch off from the outside world or need a little pick me up to get you through your working day.

TRANSCENDENCE - for depression and panic attacks, stabilizes the emotions and boosts the mood. Is sedative when used at bedtime but good to use during meditation as it relaxes the body and soul.

SIGNATURE - an aphrodisiac, relives stress and fatigue, removes toxins from the body, calming and relaxing, excellent in times of grief. Spiritually grounding.

SUBTLE SERENITY - relieves headaches, panic attacks and mood swings, an anti-inflammatory, for cleansing and purifying the sinuses, allows deeper breathing. Awakens the senses, brings fresh energy to situations. Encourages strength and enlightenment.

QUIET STATE OF MIND - facilitates deeper states of meditation, brings a sense of peace, enhances natural intuition. Allows the mind the find the pathway to stillness. brings higher and lower chakras into harmony.

LIGHT YOUR FIRE - for concentration and alertness, detoxifying and boosts the immune system, relieves anxiety, clears congestion, astringent in nature. Takes one out of sorrow and allows for physical and mental strength.  Also an insect repellent.

INVIGORATION - good for lethargy, brain health and mental acuity, helps immune system, the perfect oil if you are wanting to begin and move forward with something. Works in harmony with the infinite Divine.

BALANCE & STABILITY - an emotional regulator, anti-depressant, boosts immune system and has a grounding effect. Not sedating, but gives a feeling of calm. Associated with gratitude and blessings.

Instructions for use:

  • Rub 2 drops in palms, cup hands over the nose and inhale. Sweep hands over the head and connect with the back of the neck. Rub down the neck.
  • 2 more drops and sweep hands down the chest, torso and arms.
  • 2 more drops and sweep hands down legs and feet, then bring hands up the central part of the body and back to the chest.
  • Apply 2 more drops directly onto the chest and rub.

(This method allows the oil to find its way through the olfactory centre in the brain, through the skin and the energy field). Alternatively these oils can be used on the wrists or temples and during yoga or with a savasana assist.