Planetary Awareness

Almost 50 years ago, human beings first walked on the Moon, and took photographs of the Earth, from the Moon. It was the first time we saw the planet we live on from another planet. Earth seemed fragile in those photos, almost alone in the cosmos. That view, of our world,  changed our view of our world and of ourselves. We realized we are all living together, as one, on one planet. Earth.

That moment was the beginning of planetary awareness. Whether by coincidence or not, right after that moment, the environmental movement began growing. Human beings all over the world decided we have to start taking better care of our world.  Regulations were passed. There was cleaner air and cleaner water.  But we now realize much more needed to be done at the time. Now, the world is in a crisis due to climate change. C02 that has collected in the atmosphere has led to changes in our climate, in a relatively short amount of time, and our climate is now projected to change even more.  We are now in a global crisis which threatens our future. The future that looked so hopeful and so full of possibility in those photos taken from our Moon, almost 50 years ago.

With our planet and future now in jeopardy, we have to once again become more aware of our planet.  Whether as individuals, corporations or nations, we have to realize we have individual homes on Earth, but one common home in space. Planet Earth. We have to become more aware of the impact our actions have on our planet. And we have to take actions that preserve our environment and planet, so we can slow down climate change.

We have to build on the first sense of planetary awareness we had almost 50 years ago. We have to develop a heightened global, planetary consciousness, that transcends our individuality and nationality. We have to do this now, before it is too late for us, and our planet. 

Source: Global Crisis Information Network, Inc.


Trecia Online believes it is up to each and everyone one of us to make a difference, no matter how small, every single thing helps create the ripple effect.  This collection is made up of organizations whom we have connected with, organizations who are either helping protect Planet Earth and/or uplifting Humans who need it the most.