The idea of Trecia was conceived on 20 March 2018 when a free-spirited mother and daughter enjoyed the waves at Padang Padang Beach in Indonesia. Like magpies, Bridget and Kelsey are avidly drawn to shiny, beautiful and natural pieces to adorn their nests. Both share a passion for treasures and experiences that get your pulse racing, bring a smile to your eyes and put a spring in your step.

The name Trecia, discovered in the Urban Dictionary, felt like the perfect fit.

Trecia. Pronounced Treesa. Witty, clever with dark smouldering eyes and a personality to match. She is perfume, powder and all things shiny. Earthy. Loves the smell of a man; leather, whiskey, pipe tobacco and cologne are her favourite scents. From silk gowns to flannel shirts she is a perfect combination of city girl and country girl. Loyal to the death and loves her family. A temper that is controlled but hard to match when trust or loyalty is broken. Great sense of humour and loves the finer things in life and enjoys the simplest with gusto and enthusiasm. Collector of beautiful things. Loves children and animals. Sensuous and engaging personality with the ability to speak with anyone about almost anything at almost any time. Be her loyal friend and you have found a diamond. Love her intensely and you will have a lover and friend for life.


Surround yourself with feel-good, unique treasures that lift your spirit and enhance your glow. Trecia Online would love to help create your vibe, set the mood, awaken your senses and most importantly, release your inner child! 

Bridget Gibson
Warner Beach, South Africa

Kelsey Gibson
Uluwatu, Indonesia