The idea of Trecia was conceived on 20 March 2018 when a free-spirited mother and daughter team enjoyed the waves at Padang Padang Beach in Indonesia. Like magpies, Bridget and Kelsey are avidly drawn to shiny, beautiful and natural pieces to adorn their nests. Both share a passion for treasures and experiences that get your pulse racing, bring a smile to your eyes and put a spring in your step.

What started out with Bridget shopping for sarongs, clothing and other gifts to take back to South Africa, has slowly but surely evolved into something much greater. The past two years have been a journey of self-discovery and endless amounts of soul searching.

Their initial idea was to import the gorgeous treasures that the island of Bali has to offer. They started off with 40 styles of gorgeous Bali sarongs. Bridget, who has always been a lover of art and all things made from the heart, started realizing that our own country of South Africa has just as many treasures to offer, right on our own door step.

This, coupled with the lockdown that we found ourselves in at the start of 2020, has evolved into Trecia Online which now consists of more South African than Bali treasures. As we find ourselves in this strange state of locked-down-limbo, we see small businesses unable to trade their handcrafted products at markets, whilst many small stores are unable to open their doors. We see people becoming more and more creative as the locked down days go by, as they are no longer forced to work under the usual pressure of everyday life.

Trecia Online hopes to offer these creative souls a platform to showcase and share their products with the rest of South Africa and eventually, once we are unlocked, with the rest of the world.

Surround yourself with feel-good, unique treasures that lift your spirit and enhance your glow. Trecia Online would love to help create your vibe, set the mood, awaken your senses and most importantly, release your inner child!


Bridget Gibson
Warner Beach, South Africa

Kelsey Gibson
Uluwatu, Indonesia