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These seven sublime blends are Proudly South African, made by Penny Slein Yoga (PSY), to compliment your yoga practice and your life.

  • On the physical level all of our oils have anti-bacterial properties.
  • On the emotional and mental level aroma molecules are absorbed directly into the brain and affect our emotional and mental states within seconds. All our oils are excellent for anxiety and depression.
  • On the subtle level aromatherapy oils have an instant direct positive effect on the human energy field, whether it is calming or invigorating, depending on the specific oil.

PSY's aim is to harness the natural qualities from Mother Nature and provide a way for people to rebalance themselves. Their range of seven has something for everyone.  Whether you need to switch off from the outside world or need a little pick me up to get you through your working day. If your yoga practice is a strong morning vinyasa or a calming evening hatha sequence we have just the right blends to incorporate and enhance your practice.

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