Collection: Angie Gullan [Photographer]

Since 1995, Angie has been sharing the magical wonder of coming face to face with the wild #dolphinsofponta pioneering the way in ethical, educational, and responsible practice for tours with these sentient non-human persons whom she calls the "people of the sea."

​Dolphin Encountours cater for the discerning dolphin enthusiast and offer an intimate look into the lives of our local dolphins while funding research & conservation efforts in the Marine Reserve.

PLEASE NOTE: Since COVID has consumed our lives with being locked down, specifically the Tourism Industry, Dolphin Encountours are in desperate need of our help.  Angie is part of our Trecia Family and we want nothing more than to help them earn some sort of income during this lockdown period.  We urge you to browse through their beautiful website, purchase a print from us and/or make a donation on their Go Fund me account... Times are extremely tough for the Ponta locals and Dolphin Encountours are so much more than just another Dive operator, they protect, educate and monitor the "people of the sea"

Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

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