Adventure Diary: 20 June 2020

So many of us live close to the beach yet we don't make the most of the incredible show that Mother Nature puts on for us every morning.  Two Saturdays ago I had the most amazing show and I can't wait to do it again!  We packed a bag of essentials: flask of coffee, lunchbox of sandwiches, wood, firelighters (they make life so much easier), jacket, beanie, boots and headed off, leaving Durban at 5am sharp. We arrived at our destination 30 mins later and set up our spot.  The fire was lit, coffee was poured and we sat back and waited for the show to start..
and what a show it was! The sun made her grand appearance and wowed us with her beauty.  The Ocean played his part too, with this years' epic sardine run the ocean is literally heaving with action.  Whales, dolphins, seagulls, the list goes on and on..  What a start to the day!
After being so busy during the week, being so focused on making things happen -  Waking up SO early to get everything I need done whilst working full time, a morning like this was JUST what I needed.  A breath of fresh air, a reminder that no matter how hectically busy or stressed we are - there is so much beauty around us, we need to pay attention and let Mother Nature help calm our shattered nerves. 
The South Coast really is magical, especially in winter.  The air is crisp, the waves have been on top form, although surfing during sardine season is an act of complete bravery (you'll see what I mean just now). Once the sun warmed us up we ventured off to explore the rock pools around the corner and that is where we found the fisherman..  Don't get me wrong, fishing is great - I come from a fishing family myself - the issue I have is with all the debris they tend to leave all over the place.  Fishing line, bait boxes, abandoned live bait dead in water, etc..  We cleaned up, filling a black refuse bag to the brim and I had a gentle word with the fisherman, asked them nicely to do the ocean a favour and take their rubbish home with them.
Next on my list was to attempt to do a photoshoot on some of our new products.  One thing I didn't quite think through properly - having an online shop means you have to constantly take photos of your products! So the creative juices started flowing (with a little help from a friend LOL) - it's called making the most of what you have!  I giggled when I saw these pics, I am by far no super model, but they will do.  I am in love with the feel of these leggings, they are super comfy, have the right stretch, are warm and of course then colours speak for themselves.
Once the informal Trecia shoot was done I pretty much kicked myself for not packing my bikini in my adventure bag.  Seriously dropped a catch on that one.  By 10am the cold wintery feels had evaporated and a gorgeous summers day had arrived.  The rock pools were calling out to me and there I was fully clothed and bikini-less.  [note to self: always take swimwear on an adventure no matter the current state of weather whilst packing]. By 11am we had packed up and were heading off on our next mission, a pretty dam exciting one at that!  My good friend, Jono, had invited me to join him on a Microlite flight, something I know he has wanted to do for so so long and today was the day he got to do it and I was extremely grateful to be part of it. 
World of Wings is inland from Umkomaas, super easy to find and what a great set up.  We had our induction and were ready to FLY!  I admit, I was a bit nervous, heights have never been my thing - but once you're up, soaring like an eagle, it really is OUT OF THIS WORLD..  It felt like I was zooting around the sky on the back of a motorbike.  I eventually relaxed and felt brave enough to very carefully take my cell phone out the inner part of my jacket [this was part of the induction, the wind can whip your phone out you sweaty hands in seconds at that altitude!!]
These photos speak for themselves.  My mind was blown.  Our timing was impeccable with the sardine run being out in full swing.  Having a birds eye view, seeing massive bait balls with sharks rounding them up like sheepdogs - was just something else - WOW.  Seeing sharks swimming so swiftly - SO CLOSE - to the beach kind of freaked me out LOL.  Hence my previous note about surfing during sardine season being an act of bravery.
Seriously if you're looking for an adventure then contact World of Wings, they offer a 20 minute flight for R800/person or 30 minute flight for R1000/person.  Absolutely worth every cent!
I have been puzzling a bit wondering if this first blog of mine is possibly too long, possibly too jam-packed, perhaps I should split it over 2 or even 3 blogs - but then I decided bugger it, my aim is to blog about my adventures and it can't be helped that I managed to squeeze so much into 1 day! 


  • Awesomeness Bridg… Keep em’ coming 👌💜😉

  • Nice one. Now do some video also :-)

    Chris Wait
  • You are living the life! Can’t wait to see what else you get up to – the world is your oyster.

  • Gorgeous .. Thanx for sharing

  • Wow! This made me want to get up and go right now! So well written and beautifully described. You’re doing what most people only wish they could do. Getting out there and enjoying our amazing world. Well done for taking the plunge. I look forward to reading about your next adventure!


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